Newest Shape of Milky Way
Newest Shape of Milky Way


Extinction Zone of Milky Way


We are in the 6th Great Extinction Event on Earth

The last two times Earth was in

This Zone of the Milky Way

The two largest extinctions in history occurred


Over 90% of Life went Extinct

The last two times we were in this Extinction Zone

Of the Milky Way


In Holocenic Extinction Dr. Adoni

Explains that forces in the Milky Way in this Zone

May trigger planet wide changes

The most likely changes are due to increased Volcanic Activity

Can it be there are now unknown forces

That are set to unleash historic Volcanic Activity

All across Earth that will kill over 90% of today’s Species?


Another type of force may be GRB’s (Gamma Ray Bursts)

Is this area of the Milky Way subject to more GRS’s?


Another possibility is Asteroids

Objects not normally a threat to Earth

May be much more common in this zone


The only thing we know for sure

This is the Extinction Zone of the Milky Way…


Download Holocenic by Dr. Sol Adoni